FOOD@HOME - Chicken

Chicken, bacon and Leek Gratin
Chicken breasts sliced on a bed of buttered leeks coated in a creamy bacon sauce with a crunchy gratin topping.

Asparagus Chicken
Breasts of chicken sliced topped with asparagus in a white wine sauce. Topped with a crunchy gratin topping

Coq au Vin
Slow cooked free range chicken in a red wine, bacon & mushroom sauce.

Lemon Chicken Bake
Tender chicken breasts sliced and marinated in lemon coated in a creamy lemon & chive sauce, with a gratin topping.

Chicken, Mushroom and Blue Cheese Gratin
Sliced chicken breast on a bed of mushrooms in a creamy blue cheese sauce - with a crunchy gratin topping.

Chicken Dijon
Slices of chicken breast in a traditional French farmhouse Dijon sauce

Bumblebee Chicken Curry
Succulent chicken thighs marinated in our special bumblebee curry paste, then cooked to perfection in our tomato and garlic and coriander sauce.

Simply great food

Locally sourced, home-cooked and warming. Our range of chicken dishes are an easy way to enjoy good food on cold winter evenings.

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